How to detect PHP shells with Linux [03/12/2014]

This tool can help any webmaster to check his files for infections , i have made it to work with base linux commands so there is no need of external apps/tools. Was

Torrent windows backdoored

I have just installed a *Fresh and untouched copy* of a Windows 7 Ultimate OS on a virtual machine. I wanted to know is there are any errors & other behind this

Execute shell commands with php

A simple way to execute commands on a linux machine is to use one of the few existing php functions. Here i will use a function named shell_exec. [crayon-555efd5e33815754698328/] OUTPUT :

osCommerce scripts under attack

Seems that some kiddies are still using some old exploits to deface websites. In the last 2 days i have noticed lots of logs from defacing attempts that are logged by my

error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER

Just notice this error on my server at a large scale and i started to investigate. Of course google serch didn’t help much since we can find many problems and only few

Automatic install DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) with Postfix on Debian

I have created this script to help me in the future to install DKIM on some of my client’s machines and i want to make it public to help other peoples too.

How to extract blog posts by category

Just made this so i think is nice to have it posted here. This script extracts a choosen number of posts from a choosen category from any blog using wordpress as base

how to install Skype on Ubuntu 12.04

I have recently installed ubuntu 12.04 and as always i needed skype and of course i have found lots of tutorials over the internet explaining how to make it , lots of

PHP Notice: Undefined variable fix

This warning is generated when a variable is not defined in php. Using the following example i`l generate this notice and i will explain how to avoid this. Assuming this to be

change default userdir document root

Apache’s mod_userdir enables system administrators to enable websites to be created on any user account that has a public_html folder created on his home directory eg: [crayon-555efd5e34b0e949804158/] Most system administrators don’t know